Policy Statement

Fence It  is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development in its business activities. Management and the Employees accept out accountability for health, safety, conservation of the natural environment, and community responsibility while conducting business operations and services, at an optimized cost of risk.



Organisation of Work

Maintain an Integrated Management System based on sound risk management principles and structures that exceed minimum legal and corporate requirements. Maintain a communication structure and system to all stakeholders and society on all issues with regard to Health, Safety, Environmental, Community and Quality Management.


Maintain a Health Programme in order to promote and strive to exceed in an acceptable degree of physical, mental and social well being of our employees in all occupations and of other persons affected by our business activities.


Maintain a Safety Programme in order to promote and strive to exceed an acceptable level of performance in all facets of safety of our employees and of other persons affected by our business activities.

Environmental Management

Maintain an Environmental Management Programme in order to promote the shared responsibility and awareness of all stakeholders of Fence It performance with regards to the environment and sustainable use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution on which we depend for survival.


The community plan is aimed at Job creation and contribution to the needy families and institutions in support of destitute children.

Quality Management

Acknowledge the importance of our customers and contiually strive to meet or exceed our customers' requirements within the framework of continually improving our delivery performance for the service we provide.


The policy, which will be available to all stakeholders and the public will be reviewed annually and the compliance thereof periodically, to measure the achievement of objectives and to gauge continual improvement.