Services Offered:

At Fence It, while delivering service we believe in giving our clients support and follow-up on all services rendered, we always maintain clean, safe working conditions and make environment pleasant for our employees and that of our clients.

The following are Services we specialize in:

Welded Mesh Fence Diamond Mesh Fence
Barbed Wire Fence Razor Mesh Fence
Straining Wire Binding Wire
Concrete Walls Steel Posts & Gates
Field Fencing Incline Drilling
Clearvu Perimeter Fencing HDPE Pipes
Thatching Paving Services
Cleaning - Industrial & Domestic Carports & Shade Nets
Building & Construction Water Network & Erf Standpipe Connections
Refurbishment & Renovations of buildings Landscaping/Outiculture (Garden Services)
Water Reticulations Trench Excavations & Backfilling


Fence It has taken a giant step in opening its manufacturing factory for various fencing products, ranging from: Field Fencing, Barbed wire, Diamond mesh, Raizor coils, Welded mesh and more.

In steel work, Fence It manufacture all variety of Gates as in steel palisade and steel pipes to meet customer needs.

We also supply the following:

  • steel palisade pannel
  • straining wire
  • binding wire
We provide products in different sizes, fully and light galvanized or non galvanized depending on customers requirement.